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Ed Neumeister’s profile is the result of long and deep experience. As a performer he has been at the forefront of Jazz for more than 40 years developing a unique voice. Having also worked with high level classical orchestras and ensembles nurtured his focus on conducting and composing. He knows what the musicians need because he was there.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Perfect Day..... almost

up at 4AM

Beautifully calm - quiet....... Pre-dawn, A great time of day.

Composing till 9:30 with a break to talk to my son.

On the bicycle at 9:30 down the river into the woods, back home at 11:30. Much slower coming back.

Cooking lunch, take a shower at 11:30,

12:15- email from accountant arrives saying I missed a tax payment. So much for a perfect day.... Thought I paid it, need to check into it. Never mind for now. Time for lunch......... ummmm. will take care of that tax stuff later.....

12:45 time to practice, but need to put a load of laundry in first. Ah, Laundry Meditation, let the mind wander or, think of nothing.......

12:50-3:50PM Practice, avoid thinking about money and tax bills etc,..... Practice. Such a luxury, having three hours straight to Practice. The sun is shining, what a beautiful day!

- take periodic breaks to move laundry along "Laundry Meditation" more Practicing - fun..... creative.... practical.....

4 - 5:30 Some more composing......

5:30 - 6:30 Some web site update and GB (General Business) emails etc,. some organization......

7:00 Meet friends for dinner and they're paying.... Almost Perfect Day!!!

Not too late, to sleep, to get up early again..... for another Perfect Day

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