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Ed Neumeister’s profile is the result of long and deep experience. As a performer he has been at the forefront of Jazz for more than 40 years developing a unique voice. Having also worked with high level classical orchestras and ensembles nurtured his focus on conducting and composing. He knows what the musicians need because he was there.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rediscovering Bach

Was going through some books the other day when I came across the Bach Cello Suites. There was a time for many years that I played Bach every day, first the Cello Suites then later the Violin Sonatas and Partitas. I remember reading that the great cellist Pablo Casals said he played Bach every day. I was/is a big fan of his playing, especially the Bach Cello Suites, so I took up his idea. Bach every day. Kind of like “A Bach a Day will keep the cobwebs away.” It’s such great music. Always inspiring, amazing, challenging and inspiring.

I often say that Bach is one of my favorite jazz musicians.

After finding the cello suites book (I have several editions but this one is one of the cello versions) I read through the 1st suite. Still Great!! Will play the 2nd today.

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